SmartCover Systems

SmartCover® Systems™ provides a fully integrated vertical solution for monitoring, acquiring and integrating level, flow, rain, and tidal datawhere users attain system-wide intelligence in wastewater collection systems, storm water systems, water channels and reservoirs and other open channel flows.

The SmartCover® and SmartFLOE™ monitoring systems include remote field units that are battery powered and complete with non-contact, ultrasonic sensor. They have a two-way radio that communicates through the Iridium Satellite system, delivering real-time data through the

Additionally, these systems can bring in rain (SmartRain™) and/or tidal data (SmartTide™). These data streams are fully integrated with level and flow data presenting users with a comprehensive view of their water system.

Additional Services and products include:


The patent pending SmartFLOE™ Flow Estimation System solves these problems by providing a low-cost, low maintenance, high reliability method for remote flow measurement and communication. Using the core SmartCover® technology for non-contact remote monitoring and global data communication, the advanced SmartFLOE™ algorithm provides ongoing real-time measurement of flow rate.

SmartRain RD

SmartRain RD™ is a new tool that integrates rain data with level or flow data in the collection system. For users of the SmartCover® level monitor or the SmartFLOE™ flow monitor, rain data is acquired and presented in the user interface on a single display.

This data integration capability provides an easy method to view and understand the relationship of level or flow changes as affected by rain. It is particularly useful for studying I&I, where SmartRain RD™, merges these two essential data streams and seamlessly characterizes I&I sources within the collection system.


SmartTrend® is a comprehensive software tool that enables users to anticipate overflow events at remote monitoring sites long before they occur.

SmartTrend® automatically scans each site to analyze trends in the collection system. It determines conditions using advanced signal processing and pattern recognition and sends Advisories to users when a trend is discovered. Users have the most advanced method available to identify future issues, including alarms for SSOs and CSOs, before they occur. SmartTrend® aids users and promotes advanced planning for maintenance and capital repairs.