Bindicator & Kistler-Morse

Bindicator and Kistler-Morse are two separate products line that focus on measuring the levels of dry bulk in silos and tanks. Though the two lines are both owned by Venture Measurement, the two companies take different approaches to measuring dry bulk.


Point Level Measurement


Universal, dry bulk point level detection with advanced features and diagnostics. This well-proven, easy to use, simple to install product remains the leader in dry bulk level indication in tanks and silos around the world.


Adjustable sensitivity to detect wide range of dry bulk Materials. the VRF II capacitance level sensor can be installed quickly and with ease. The unit can be either AC or DC powered and with insensitive polarity the wiring is less complex. EZ-CAL II permits the user to attach the VRF II bin level switch to the vessel and immediately begin sensing material.

Pulse Point

Wide range of dry bulk materials, liquid/solid interface. With universal power and no need for calibration, the Pulse Point II vibratory fork level sensor can be installed quickly and with ease. The power supply can be either AC or DC and is non-polarized which permits wires to be connected without regard to polarity, removing these issues during installation.

Continuous Measurement


Non-contact, reliable in difficult environments. Transmitting at a frequency of 78 GHz with a narrow beam angle of 4 degrees, the F78MP Series air radar level device is consistent and accurate in difficult environments. Also available: Guided Radar


Back Pressure Regulators work well where applications require high precision control of back pressure or relief pressures. The Model 10BP offers high precision, as does the compact Model 30BP. In addition, the Model 50BP Polymer, Model 66BP Stainless Steel, and Model 4000ABP high flow back pressure regulators are designed by Fairchild for tough applications.

Cap Level

Capacitance level indication. Measures bulk solids or liquids. Cap Level offers continuous level measurement with features like selectable dampening for stability where severe agitation is present and span adjustments to make calibration easier.

Kistler Morse:

Micro Cell

The Microcell is an easy to install bolt on strain gauge sensor that produces an electrical output proportional to the changes in weight of a vessel.

  • An empty vessel is not required for installation or calibration. This allows for increased up-time.
  • No special tools are required for installation
  • Immune to material characteristics like angle of repose, rat-holing, bridging, moisture content, compaction, vapors and dust
  • For vessels with a capacity of 75,000 lbs or more
  • Repairs and retrofitting can occur without taking the silo out of commission.

Load Cell

Low profile, High Capacity The LDII load cell has the lowest profile for its load ranges in the industry, and uses the proven KM semiconductor strain gauge technology to continuously measure the weight of material for in-process inventory and bulk storage vessels.

  • Suitable for use with mixing and blending vessels, surge hoppers, and vessels with agitators
  • Standard load ranges are from 150 to 100,000 pounds (68 to 45,360 kg) per vessel support
  • Vessel tipping, walking or overturning while agitating is eliminated
  • No external vessel hold-downs are necessary, even in areas of high wind or seismic activity

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