Fairchild Industrial Products is a manufacturer based in Winston Salem, North Carolina, Manufacturing in the USA. Their product line is focused on Pneumatic Controls, specializing in Pressure Regulators, Transducers, Volume Boosters, Relays and Filters. Recently Purchased by Rotork Instruments, Fairchild Industrial Products has kept their base of operations in the USA and continue to provide their customers with the highest of quality in Pneumatic Controls. Many of their instruments can be found in Pharmaceutical Lab equipment and packing processes, Marine, Biomedical, Oil and Gas, Pulp and Paper, and Food and Beverage.

Process Transducers

The Process Control line of I/P Transducers utilizes a flapper and nozzle attached to a voice coil to proportionally regulate the output pressure. The Fairchild T5200, T5400, T5700 and T6000 pressure transducer series offer dependable performance at economical prices. The new T6100 I/P unit also offers "Lock in Last Place" reliability in an easy to use product configuration.

High Accuracy Electro Pneumatic Transducers

The Fairchild T7800 series incorporates piezo ceramic disc actuation means while the new T9000 series I/P Pressure controllers feed and bleed solenoid technology to provide a complete range of high performance transducers for every application. These electro-pneumatic I/P units are impervious to shock, vibration and positional orientation.

High Performance Electro Pneumatic Transducers:

Whether you demand high accuracy, high pressure, high flow, fast response or "all of the above," Fairchild has a complete line of high performance I/P, E/P Transducers to suit your application. From our new T9000 Pressure Controllers, to our 0.15% accuracy T7800 series, Fairchild I/P transducer models handle your toughest challenges.

High Precision Pressure Regulators

The Fairchild Models 10 and 81 are ideal for general precision pressure regulator applications, while the compact Models 30 and 80 offer high precision in a small package. The Model 100 high flow regulator, the 1000 no bleed pressure regulator, the 4000A no bleed high flow regulator and the Model 4100A Low Pressure regulator also offer high precision control

Back Pressure Regulators

Back Pressure Regulators work well where applications require high precision control of back pressure or relief pressures. The Model 10BP offers high precision, as does the compact Model 30BP. In addition, the Model 50BP Polymer, Model 66BP Stainless Steel, and Model 4000ABP high flow back pressure regulators are designed by Fairchild for tough applications.

Vacuum Regulators

Vacuum regulators cover all applications from full vacuum in the Model 17 Vacuum Regulator and Model 18 Vacuum Relief Regulator to those in low pressure and lighter vacuum, handled by the Model 16 Vacuum Regulator and the Model 1600 High Flow Vacuum Regulator


Our extensive line of pneumatic relays serves a multitude of control applications: positive biasing relays, positive and negative biasing relays, infinitely adjustable ratio relays, reversing relays, averaging and computing relays, high and low pressure selectors, and high and low pressure limiting relays.

Volume boosters

Pneumatic volume boosters feature high flow capacity and fast response. A wide range of signal to output pressure ratios, pipe sizes and options are available in Fairchild’s pilot operated regulator booster products with a Cv of 1 up to a Cv of 18, with flow capacities of 45 SCFM, 76.5 m3/hr up to 1500 SCFM, 2550 m3/hr.

McIntosh Controls and Fairchild Industrial Products also understand that not every application is a “one part fits all” situation. For specialized products or OEM’s we are here to help find solutions to your problems.

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