Global Water

Global Water offers a wide array of products for monitoring water level, flow, and quality. They also offer remote monitoring capabilities and water samplers. One of their core competencies is to integrate products into systems to meet our customer's requirements. Global Water is committed to producing cost effective, accurate, rugged, and reliable monitoring solutions. their products are engineered for simple installation, easy operation, and minimal maintenance.

Water Level Sensors

Global Water offers a wide range of water level sensors that include pressure transducers, water alarms, ultrasonic and radar. Products such as the WL16 can also double as a data logger to provide a simple, single unit solution for your level needs.


Ideal for wastewater, industrial and environmental sampling CE Certified. These samplers do composite, discrete or both types of sampling. Simple to operate - no programming required. Output provided for use with optional datalogger. Lightweight and easy to carry with rugged construction for harsh environments. Samplers meet federal, state and local wastewater regulations. Timed and external flow proportional sampling. Samplers are adjustable and repeatable for sample volume. Peristaltic pump prevents sample contamination and automatic backflush clears pickup strainer and hose. Rechargeable battery or AC powered. These samplers are the easiest and most reliable method for collecting water quality samples

Weather stations

  • High quality, rugged, industrial grade sensors for monitoring, alarming, and reporting
  • 4-20 mA output for easy interface to process control systems, telemetry, dataloggers, or displays
  • Marine grade cable with strain relief
  • Includes a standard 25' cable (cable lengths up to 100' are available)
  • Wind Direction, Wind Speed, Humidity, and Temperature Sensor electronics are fully encapsulated in marine grade epoxy for complete environmental protection and a long operating life

Water quality sensors

Global Water offers a wide range of water quality sensors. Sensors include but are not limited to:

Dissolved Oxyen

Flow meters

Global Water offers a variety of different style flow meters to help service the needs of their customers. Product offerings include: Magmeters, Open Chanel Flow Monitoring, Flow Probes, Data logging and Paddle Wheels.

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