McIntosh Controls is proud to be the new distributor for MRU Instruments. MRU is a leading manufacturer in portable and stationary analyzers for combustion, emissions, bio gas, and syn gas. MRU has a global presence with manufacturing and distribution located in Germany and Houston, Texas.

MRU Instruments offers combustion and emission analyzers, opacity monitoring, Gas detectors, manometers, and Biogas/ Landfill CHP analyzers. MRU’s initial focus was based on saving energy. Analyzers help improve fuel efficiency through combustion measurements and can be tailored to country specific requirements. MRU’s analyzers help to monitor and controls harmful emissions.

As a new distributor for MRU, we are excited to offer their leading analyzers for support in industries including: Boiler Service, Breweries, Cement, Compressor Stations, Gas Turbine, Petrochem, and Municipal Markets. As your local distributor we will be your direct contact for applications and sales to help find the right product for your project.

Product Introduction

Opacity Monitoring OMS 420 Ex
O2 & COe in-situ monitoring system for use in hazardous area zone 2

The O2 and COe monitor is dedicated for continuous combustion optimisation at: Various industrial furnaces/ovens/boilers, with hazard of explosive atmosphere Petroleum refinery plants • petrochemical plants Gas separation, blast furnace, coke oven or other syngas plants

Portable Combustion Analyzers

AMPRO 2000

Measures up to 6 gas components simultaneously Emissions calculations including mass flow calculated or true NO(x), plus 02 ref to user defined values Air purging pump for CO-Sensor protection Internal data storage for up to 16,000 measurements Warranty – 3 Years on the analyzer and accessories (2 years on O2 sensor- 1 year on other gas sensors) Biogas/ landfill / CHP Analyzers Complete analysis tasks with powerful products designed for biogas, cogeneration heat and power engine emissions, bio-methane, landfill-gas and coal bed methane testing. Gather industrial safety data using advanced biogas analyzer technology.

The NOVAplus Biogas and OPTIMA 7 Biogas both have the capability for simultaneous measurement of up to 7 gas components, including biogas measurement and emissions measurement. The OPTIMA 7 is a powerful handheld gas analyzer with electrochemical sensors and a dual gas NDIR bench. You can also take advantage of multiple site monitoring with the SWG 100 BIOGAS Analyzer and the SWG 100 BIOGAS Compact Analyzer.

Find industrial solutions for semi-continuous, discontinuous and continuous measurements. These systems are able to evaluate stack pressure and provide efficient gas sampling.

Optima 7

The most powerful handheld BIOGAS ANALYZER.

Ideally suited for Landfills, Digesters plus Waste to Energy Engine Tuning

  • Simple operation
  • Compact
  • Rugged
  • Easy Data Handling
  • Low ownership cost


  • Simultaneous measurement up to 8 gases
  • Automatic calculations and data logging
  • Easy operation via intuitive, wireless Remote Control Unit
  • Rugged design for extreme field conditions
  • Accuracy and reliability

Base unit: O2, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, CO-high, CO-very high, Stack temperature up to 2000°F, and Draft pressure to ±40”wc Emission calculations of mass flow, calculated or True NOx plus O2 referencing to user defined values Combustion calculations of CO2, CO/CO2 ratio, Excess air, Air ratio, Dewpoint, Efficiency, and Heat Losses Large condensate separator with PTFE coated filter High energy Li-Ion battery provides up to 20 hours of operation Built-in speed printer easy paper loading for quick on-site documentation.Compact and rugged transport case .

Options: Gas conditioning via high efficiency Peltier gas cooler CO protection with fresh air pump and cut-off valve Internal flow monitoring Auto zeroing Warranty

3 Years on the analyzer and accessories (2 years on O2 sensor– 1 year on other gas sensors)

Additional Offerings:

MRU also offers Stationary Monitors, Manometers, Gas Detectors, and SYNGAS Analysis. For a full listing of their products or additional information please Call 973-433-4700 or email